USA: Prop 8 / Defense of Marriage Act Updates 3/27/13

Written by scott on March 27th, 2013

Defense of Marriage ActJust a few more updates before we wrap it up for the night.

President Obama spoke to Univision today in the wake of the Supreme Court hearings. Pink News reports:

“I never predict what the court will do,” Obama said. “But I used to teach constitutional law, and there is certainly a strong basis for determining that in this age, given what we now know, given the changes that have been taking place in the states around the country, same-sex couples should be treated fairly and have the same rights benefits, be able to transfer property, all the rights and recognitions that heterosexual couples do.” In a second interview with Telemundo, Obama said he thought it was in line with the US Constitution to allow equal marriage, and he also said: “I think it is time for the justices to examine this issue.”

The Washington Post looks at how DC has started to shift on marriage equality, following the rest of the country:

Congress overwhelmingly supported the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, even though same-sex marriage was not yet legal anywhere in the United States. As recently as the 2000s, it was viewed as politically safer for most candidates to oppose same-sex marriage than to support it. The picture today is notably different. Last year, President Obama became the first sitting president to endorse same-sex marriage, a decision that did not thwart his reelection. After consistently losing at the ballot box, gay-marriage advocates logged their first referendum victories in November when voters supported it in Maine, Maryland and Washington state. More recently, a cascade of elected officials have announced their support for same-sex unions, including some senators from conservative states such as North Carolina and Missouri.

The Washington Blade talks about the wait we know face until the rulings are handed down:

Now we wait for six men and three women to determine whether lesbian and gay individuals can live our lives to our full potential; publicly declare our love; and share in the benefits and obligations of civil marriage. History would suggest that like last year where the fate of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was decided, we won’t hear the justices’ decision until the last day of the court term.

The New York Times covers some of the celebrity tweets on marriage equality this week:

Chelsea Clinton @ChelseaClinton: Eagerly awaiting news from today’s Supreme Court hearing on #Prop8. #UnitedForMarriage

Ben Affleck @BenAffleck: I agree. RT @BarackObama: RT if you agree. #MarriageEquality,

Cheyenne Jackson @cheyennejackson: Sing it, sister. RT @ChrisCQuinn: Everyone deserves the right 2 marry the person they love. I urge #SCOTUS 2 stand up 4 human rights.

Now we wait until at least June.


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