USA: Prop 8 / DOMA Updates 3/18/13

Written by scott on March 18th, 2013

Defense of Marriage ActAs the Supreme Court hearing dates rapidly approach, we have a few more updates for you on Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Prop 8.

First off, our friend Ned Flaherty reports that Defense of Marriage Act could be costing the US Government as much as a billion dollars a year:

In 2004, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that if state and federal governments honored same-gender marriage nationwide from 2005 through 2015, the net effect would benefit the federal budget’s bottom line — by nearly $10 billion. Even though expenses would increase for federal programs such as veterans, pensions, and Social Security, those costs would be more than offset by: (1) decreased costs for programs such as elderly/disabled benefits, Medicaid, and Medicare, and (2) increased tax revenue because people pay more taxes when they’re married than when they’re single. Furthermore, the U.S. Census Bureau confirmed that over the last decade, the number of same-gender couples grew in every single state, and grew nationally from 358,390 to 646,464 couples. Had the Budget Office known nine years ago about that 80% increase, and also known that actual couples are 15% more than Census figures indicate, then the net $10 billion calculated in 2004 would have been estimated as far larger.

Over at AmericaBlog, John Aravosis takes apart Geortge Will’s attempt to piece together something – anything – to use as evidence against marriage equality:

I used to like George Will, before he went crazy. Then again, I used to be a Republican before they went crazy. People change. But I still got annoyed when I read George Will’s absurd commentary this week in opposition to same-sex marriage… Honestly, I read the piece, and the arguments were so absurd, I thought I was reading something written by a religious right ghost writer, it was so nonsensical, even for George Will.

He goes on to explain Will’s desperation:

What’s really going on here is that religious bigots have been somewhat freaked, since the Prop 8 trial back in California exposed their glaring lack of any science backing up their bizarre “gay marriage will make George Will and Newt Gingrich leave their wives” argument. So the best they can do, when they don’t have any evidence backing up their bigotry, is try to make that utter”lack of evidence” evidence in and of itself.

And at NPR, Ken Rudin looks at the dramatic shift in public opinion about DOMA and marriage equality in the last 12 months:

It is remarkable how fast the issue of same-sex marriage has moved the American public. Of course, some long-time proponents will argue the opposite, that it has taken far too long for it to gain acceptance. And they say that there is no shortage of efforts around the country to block or overturn the practice. But there is no question that since Vice President Biden first announced his support for the issue last May — jumping the gun on President Obama, whose position on the issue was said to still be “evolving” — things have changed rapidly. Almost immediately, and far more significant, was Obama’s declaration he felt the same. After that came dramatic shifting in public opinion, where for the first time ever, polls show that more people support gay marriage than oppose it.

Just 8 more days. Check here for a full list of rallies for 3/26-3/27/13/


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