USA: Prop 8/Doma Updates Part Two 3/5/13

Written by scott on March 5th, 2013

you tube bigA few more things to share with y’all on the Prop 8/Defense of Marriage Act cases before the night is through.

First, NOM is welcoming a pastor with an objectionable past to their Supreme Court Rally. Think Progress reports:

…now it seems that NOM has a particularly despicable partner for the March, Southern Baptist pastor Wiley Drake, who regularly prays for people’s death, including President Obama. Jeremy Hooper noticed not only that Drake is promoting the march, but that he shared an email exchange coordinating his support with the march organizers. In fact, he committed to bringing his Congressional Prayer Conference broadcast to the march, and the event coordinator seemed all too grateful for his support.

Jan Millhiser at Think Progress dissects the GOP House argument that we don’t deserve to have DOMA repealed because the LGBT community is so powerful:

…claiming that the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act should not be struck down on constitutional grounds because “gays and lesbians are one of the most influential, best-connected, best-funded, and best organized interest groups in modern politics” is comically ridiculous. LGBT Americans have indeed made significant strides in recent years, and President Obama deserves praise for doing more to diversify the judiciary than any other president in history, but five openly gay judges and a senator is a far cry from being one of the “most influential” group in the nation.

And over at The Advocate, they’re offering a simple explanation of how the Supreme Court might rule, in video format:

In the video below, Jim Morrison — the host of HereTV’s political analysis show, For and Against — explains the court’s range of potential decisions in the cases. Morrison concludes that while DOMA will likely fall, it remains uncertain whether the court’s ruling on Prop. 8 will affect only California, a handful of select states or the entire nation.


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