USA: Scalia Rants at the Supreme Court Prop 8 Hearing

Written by scott on March 26th, 2013

Antonin ScaliaOver at the Advocate, Kerry Eleveld has five take-aways rom this morning’s Prop 8 hearing at the US Supreme Court. My favorite:

As expected: Justice Antonin Scalia did go on a rant of sorts, insisting that Olson explain, “When did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples from marriage?” Olson offered, respectfully, “When did it become unconstitutional to prohibit interracial marriage?” (The suggestion being that it became so when the Supreme Court decided Loving v. Virginia in 1967.) Scalia responded, “Don’t answer my question with a question!” Then, like a dog with a bone, he insisted on getting a date certain when it became unconstitutional. Finally, Olson conceded, “There’s no specific date.”

Ask a question to which you know there’s no answer, and then browbeat your opponent for not answering it. Vintage Scalia. But he can’t take his own medicine – typical.


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  1. Michael Barber says:

    It became unconstitutional when the science for defining sexual orientation as just another variant of sexuality and we were no longer “mentally ill”– 1972.

  2. Wesley Cole says:

    Did I always hate Judge Scalia!!!!!!!! I have a feeling that YES I HAVE!

  3. Shade says:

    Thanks Michael.That is most certainly correct. I remember that most auspicious of events!

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