USA: The Advocate Profiles the National Organization for Marriage

Written by scott on March 25th, 2013

NOM LogoOver at the Advocate today, they have a great profile of the National Organization for Marriage – where they came from, what we know about their funding, etc. An excerpt:

NOM is a small and relatively new organization, born in 2007, with a very small circle of major funders. It centrally runs almost all the campaigns against marriage equality, with partner organizations in various states that appear to do little on their own. NOM puts its hundreds of thousands of dollars into state campaigns in ways that protect its donors from being identified. Its campaign finance philosophy is that the best defense is a good offense: With the help of James Bopp, the lawyer who brought the notorious Citizens United lawsuit to the Supreme Court, NOM has repeatedly launched lawsuits arguing that states’ campaign reporting laws are unconstitutional efforts to chill free speech, even though it has just as repeatedly lost.

This small group has had an oversized effect on the marriage equality debate, touting trumped-up studies, planning astroturf marches and bus tours, and funneling hge amnounts of cash from unknown donors (though many suspect the Catholic Church) into fights agains marriage equality all around the world.

They’ve also actively fought against campaign finance disclosure laws, and even after rulings have gone against them, have refused to disclose the information.

Talk about a lack of respect for the law. Let’s hope their heyday is finally coming to an end.


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