USA: What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying

Written by scott on March 27th, 2013

NOM LogoWe thought we’d do a little round-up of what’s going on on the far right on this historic day, when it looks likely the US Supreme Court will strike down DOMA.

First, the National Organization for Marriage. Head Brian Brown is wrapping himself and his march in the trappings of the civil rights movement, reports:

What I was most happy about, we talked about this before the rally, the way everyone conducted themselves. We were chanting, we were united but when folks tried to get in our way, there were some gay marriage protesters who tried to get in front of the march and stop us even though we had a permit, everyone just knelt down and started praying. I was not alive during the Civil Rights Movement but this is what it must have felt like, people were just so ecstatic to stand up and they did it in a loving, respectful way but they weren’t going to be silenced.

At the aforementioned rally, Jennifer Roback Morse, one of the speakers suggested kids of same sex couples will be resentful (hear that, Zach Wahls?). Think Progress reports:

“They’re going to say, “Dad, you and your partner are lovely guys, I love you Dad, but did you really think I would never need a mom? What were you thinking?” “Mom, I know you love me, you and your partner are nice ladies, but the biological connection that was so important to you — did you think it would never be important to me? What were you thinking? What were you thinking?” That’s what they’re going to ask us.”

Or they might just ay “thank you and I love you.”

Joe.My.God reports that one of NOM’s supporters tweeted on how lovely and Christian the whole NOM rally was:

“Two hours of speech broadcast on CSPAN and hundreds of hours of interviews and no anti-gay animus. We are a loving pro marriage movement.”

Yeah, unless you count the whole not letting gays get married thing.

Over at the Dish, Andrew Sullivan notes that NOM’s still pushing the divide between the LGBT and African American communities with a new banner ad:

Despite the fact that most polls now show non-whites slightly more supportive of marriage equality than whites, the National Organization for Marriage has yet to get the message.

Over at Gay Star News, they’re reporting that Peter LaBarbera of the Americans For Truth About Homosexuality thinks gays are at war with God:

He complained about ‘hate mail we receive from homosexual activists and all the terrible things they call us’. He said that’s evidence that gays ‘hate God’, further alleging: ‘They have the media, they have academia, they have Hollywood, but they lack the truth. ‘They are really at war with the truth. If you want to understand the homosexual movement, it’s a movement at war with nature, with God and with truth’, it was revealed on the website Right Wing Watch.

We’re not at war with God. Just with people who think they speak for Him.

Joe.My.God has the details on a DOMA supporter outside the Court who sees the writing on the wall:

“It appears now that DOMA is very shaky. And while we stand for the defense of marriage as between one man and one woman, it is quite clear that that definition on the federal level is at great risk, likely by 5-4.” – Rev. Bob Schenk, head of the Evangelical Church Alliance, speaking on CNN.

Down in Texas, Governor Rock Perry accuses gays of intolerance. Queerty reports:

“The underlying problem is that there is this very vocal, very litigious minority of Americans willing to legally attack anybody who dares utter a phrase or even a name that they don’t agree with,” Perry said. “In a twisting of logic, they insist on silencing the religious in the cause of tolerance. Now I ask you, where is the tolerance in that?” Religious politicians should be allowed to rely on their faith when determining the country’s laws, he added.

Concerned Women are concerned about DOMA, Joe.My.God reports:

“Here we are, in modern-day America, with all of our arrogance and all of our pomposity, thinking that we know enough to absolutely change all of culture. It’s a day of great perplexity as those of us who treasure marriage and understand how basic it is, not just for individuals but for all of culture, to sit and listen to these arguments and understand the impact and ramifications of all that’s going on. It’s very, very sobering. And these are very momentous days, because if the Supreme Court does go in the wrong direction, we are in for very bleak days ahead.” – Concerned Women For America spokeswoman Janet Crouse.

He also quotes Liberty Council’s Mat Staver:

“If for some reason the court had five justices vote to strike down the federal Defense of Marriage Act under some concoction that it was prohibited by the Constitution, that would have catastrophic effect. It would elevate same-sex sexual activity and same-sex marriage to the same level as race – and that would put it on a direct collision course with religious freedom and freedom of speech. The court should not be involved in social engineering or re-engineering, but this could have a big impact.”

And Joe.My.God rounds up the headlines in tea bagger country.


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