USA: Why Hillary Came Out for Marriage Equality Now

Written by scott on March 20th, 2013

Hillary ClintonChris Cillizza has some thoughts on the timing of Hillary Clinton’s marriage equality announcement. The Washington Post reports:

Democrats and Independents have moved strongly in favor of gay marriage in the last four years, and many of the people who may well challenge Clinton if she runs for president in 2016 have already staked out positions well to her ideological left on gay marriage — before today, that is. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was hailed as a hero by gay rights advocates when he spearheaded an effort to legalize same-sex marriage in 2011. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley received accolades when he signed a measure legalizing it in his state last year and fought to uphold it in a subsequent referendum campaign. Vice President Biden caught much of the political world off-guard when he announced his support for gay marriage, even before President Obama did.

Which just strengthens the case that she’s running on 2016. 🙂


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