USA: Yet Another Marriage Equality Poll

Written by scott on March 21st, 2013

titleAnd Fox makes five. Earlier today, we reported on the four US marriage equality polls already released this week. Now there’s a new one from Fox News:

The new poll shows that 49 percent of voters favor legalizing gay marriage, while 46 percent oppose it. That represents a significant shift since the question was first asked on a Fox poll in 2003. At that time, 32 percent said gays should be allowed to marry legally, and 58 percent were opposed. Support for gay marriage has increased by 27 percentage points among moderates since 2003, 22 points among independents and 21 points among Democrats. Over the same time period, the number of liberals backing gay marriage more than doubled.

Not surprisingly, it’s tied for the lowest number of supporters with the Pew Poll.


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