Virginia, USA: Naval Base Won’t Recognize Retiring Lesbian’s Wife at Ceremony

Written by scott on March 25th, 2013

Jenkins-Smith FamilyYet another wrinkle form DOMA in the lives of our military men and women. A naval base in Virginia ia refusing to recognize the wife or a retiring lesbian sailor. Queerty reports:

T.J. Jenkins finally married her partner, Ship’s Serviceman Melissa Smith, two months ago in Maryland, where same-sex marriage is legal. But because of DOMA, she can’t be considered a spouse, according to Smith’s commanding officer. That means that while other married servicemembers get to honor their partners ‘ sacrifices as part of a longstanding Naval tradition, Jenkins efforts won’t be acknowledged. She calls the snub “a slap in the face” and admits Smith has thought about not attending her retirement at all.

To treat one of our military heroes like this, after they have served their country honorably for almost two decades. is just flat-out wrong.

It’s stories like this that have been winning over the hearts and minds of our allies, as they see the simple unfairness with which so many of us are treated on a regular basis.

Just want to say to the loving couple, we recognize you, and we recognize your love for one another.


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