“What Happens if We Have a Lesbian Queen in a Same-Sex Marriage Who Conceives Using an Egg Implanted With Donor Sperm?”

Written by scott on March 14th, 2013

Big BenHands-down our favorite quote of the day. UK Conservative Peer Lord True asked this question in an interview with the London Telegraph. Pink News explains:

Parliament is currently debating the Succession to the Crown Bill, which is intended to update royal laws to ensure that a first-born daughter to the Duke of Cambridge becomes Queen. Under the 18th century laws governing the succession, only an “heir to the body” can succeed. The phrase was intended to mean direct biological descendents of the monarch. Some experts now argue that advances in artificial insemination mean that the term needs to be redefined.

This brings us to Lord True (even his name is fantastic):

Lord True, who had tabled an amendment, said the rules should explicitly demand that future monarchs be the offspring of both parties of a heterosexual marriage, excluding children conceived using sperm or eggs from a donor or surrogate. He told the Telegraph: “What happens if we have a lesbian Queen in a same-sex marriage who conceives using an egg implanted with donor sperm? The law should be clear, but this is a question that has not been thought through in the bill.”

This episode in right-wing fantasy has been brought to you by the letters b-a-t-s-h-i-t and c-r-a-z-y. BTW, his name appears as “True, Lord” on Parliament’s official list of members of Parliament. I kid you not.


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  1. Penny says:

    If we ever have a lesbian Queen (and I hope we do), you can bet it will be her spouse who carries the baby. Does the egg still inherit? Does batshit count?

  2. Manny says:

    In response to Lord True (ironic name)

    If you have a future monarch born to a same sex union via artificial insemination, you will have a Doctor Who episode brought to glorious life.

    And it would be AWESOME!

  3. Courtney says:

    To write that sort of thing into law is absurd. Science is always having breakthroughs in the way of fertilization. I read an article some time ago that was about how they had managed to produce natural offspring using two females. The first is obviously the egg producer and the other’s bone marrow (or something of that nature) is then turned into a sperm (somehow!) and then the offspring is also female. They’re a long way off from having this sort of technology in your doctor’s office, but nonetheless, to write such things into law is just bigotry attempting to span itself into future generations and oppress the homosexuals.

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