What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying

Written by scott on March 29th, 2013

America the Beautiful - Ben CarsonThe right-wing haters are spouting off at an amazing rate in the wake of the US Supreme Court hearings on Prop 8 and Defense of Marriage Act. Here are a few examples from the last 48 hours.

Right wing darling Ben Carson, who made waves a couple days ago with this:

“Marriage is between a man and a woman. No group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality, it doesn’t matter what they are. They don’t get to change the definition.”

also wrote in a book that marriage equality would bring about America’s downfall. Media Matters reports:

Dr. Benjamin Carson, who has come under heavy criticism in recent days for comparing marriage equality supporters to advocates of bestiality and pedophilia, wrote in his 2012 book that marriage equality “is a slippery slope with a disastrous ending, as witnessed in the dramatic fall of the Roman Empire.”

To be fair, he did just (sort-of apologize for the whole bestiality thing. LGBT Weekly reports:

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who rose to GOP fame in recent months, apologized Friday for appearing to equate homosexuality with the criminal acts of pedophilia and bestiality. “I love gay people. I love straight people. So this was really, I think, on my behalf, somewhat insensitive and I certainly apologize if I offended anyone, because I was not in any way comparing gays with people who engage in bestiality or sexual child abuse,” Carson said on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

Note the classic non-apology apology – I apologize for you being offended.

North Carolina’s Rep. Mark Meadows freaked out over the whole Supreme Court thing, warning of a coming constitutional crisis. On Top Magazine reports.

“It’s a huge invasion into state’ rights and the state definition of marriage, whether you call it traditional or natural marriage. I call it marriage, you know, it’s between one man and one woman, period,” Meadows said on the program. “What happens if the court decides that they are their own constitutional convention without any recourse at all, what happens?” Deace asked. “Well, I mean, obviously we start to have a constitutional crisis,” Meadows answered.

Both Meadows and Deace seem a little unclear on the whole Supreme Court and the constitution concept.

Super-homophobic Iowa Rep. Steve King says because friendship doesn’t need a license and marriage does, gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry. or something like that. Think Progress reports:

You do not need a license to begin a new friendship, start shopping at a new grocery store or pharmacy, or even begin a new dating relationship. Likewise, one does not need a court order to terminate any of those relationships. This fact indicates that there is something unique about marriage that necessitates government involvement. Insisting upon heterosexual marriage is therefore not discriminatory, nor does it constitute the government telling anyone whom to love. The argument for upholding the Defense of Marriage Act is rooted in the way marriage is historically treated by state laws. To understand why government is involved in marriage in the first place is to understand why government cannot validate same-sex marriage.

Not following this dive into the towering intellect that is Steve King> Neither are we.

The Family Research Council offers another rationale for blocking gays and lesbians from marriage – if we let them in, old men would totally leave there wives more for hot young women. Think Progress reports:

Towleroad.com reports that Rick Santorum (yes, the Google guy) blames Will and Grace for the whole gay marriage thing:

Tea Party Report’s Susie Sampson posts a clip from a closed Q&A session at the recent CPAC conference in which Rick Santorum pins the blame for the demise of the entire “traditional marriage” movement on Will & Grace. It’s actually something he’s said before in other contexts.

And finally, an “apology” from a Minnesota group that linked gay activists to the Nazis. The Raw Story reports:

A religious group in Minnesota issued a public half-apology on Friday for an online posting that accused supporters of marriage equality of practicing the “Nazi philosophy of propaganda,” Minnesota Public Radio reported. It its statement, Minnesota for Marriage said it “regrets that statements considered by many to be offensive” appeared on the website of Minnesota Pastors for Marriage, a faith-based coalition seeking to ban marriage between LGBT couples.

Again with the non-apology apology.


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  1. Most Rev. Metropolitan DJ Loggins, EMG, OSBCOrth says:

    To Mr. Carson: You have your facts all out of line., It was the explosion of Christianity that brought about the fall of the Roman Empire. That and the shoddy way the empire FORCED others to think the way they were told to, rather than for themselves.
    To all the others complaining about “redefining marriage”. That has been done for centuries, proven by the fact you can no longer sell your daughter to a prospective husband for two oxen and a goat.
    As for the people trying to claim it violates “Religious Freedoms”, I say they are under-educated. You do NOT go to a clergy person for your marriage license, you go to a CIVIL authority. NO ONE CAN FORCE ANYONE to perform a marriage against their will, just as no one can make someone change faiths against their will.

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