World Net Daily: Gays Will Destroy Marriage

Written by scott on March 22nd, 2013

Matt Barber over at World Net Dailis, like, totally freaking out about the Supreme Court’s upcoming hearings on Prop 8 and DOMA. A sample:

The stakes could not be higher. Of central concern is whether the Supreme Court will put its official stamp of approval on that cartoonish contradiction-in-terms labeled “same-sex marriage.” Ultimately, these nine justices will decide either to recklessly deconstruct, radically redefine and render functionally trivial the age-old institution of natural marriage – or leave it alone. They’d better leave it alone. Here’s the bottom line: Homosexual activists don’t want the white picket fence. They want to burn down the white picket fence. The endgame is not to achieve so-called “marriage equality,” but, rather, to render marriage reality meaningless.

As proof, he drags out a “prominent gay activist”, ie: some lesbian in Sydney, Australia:

“Masha Gessen, a lesbian and a journalist, spoke frankly about this at a conference in Sydney, Australia,” he wrote. “‘It’s a no-brainer that we should have the right to marry,’ she said. ‘But I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. … ‘Marriage equality’ becomes ‘marriage elasticity,’ with the ultimate goal of ‘marriage extinction.'”

Yes, because the extreme views of any large group represent the views of everyone in the group. Oh, that’s right – they d actually believe that – look at WND’s views.

I can only speak for my husband and myself. We love being married. Our parents were married, and we looked up to them and never imagined it would even be a possibility for folks like us.

Now we are, in fact, married (thanks, California Supreme Court) and we live in the suburbs and pay taxes and work really hard and have no desire to see marriage destroyed.

How do y’all feel?


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  1. Michael Barber says:

    I am all for complete sexual freedom, however, that doesn’t rule out marriage. There isn’t just one set of rules for a marriage and it doesn’t have to be based on heterosexual norms. Why should it? We aren’t heteros. As long as the law is applied equally to ALL CITIZENS (meaning the entire Constitution), I couldn’t give a flying f*(k how you define YOUR marriage, relationship, or your life.

  2. Catherine Swisher says:

    “Gays” pay taxes too & we deserve the same rights as anyone else that pays taxes & is a citizen of this great country!! If you don’t like “Gay” marriage, then don’t get one!! Otherwise it has nothing to do with you or your marriage!! Oh and by the way, some of us do want the “white picket fence” & to be happy in a monogamous marriage! 🙂

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