A Long Fight Ahead Still for Equality?

Written by scott on April 24th, 2013

Gay WeddingThe French National Assembly passed marriage equality and legal same-sex adoption yesterday, amidst mass anti-gay protests and a significant increase in anti-gay violence and violent rhetoric. The American anti-equality group National Organization for Marriage, which was extremely active in organizing anti-marriage forces within France, only called for a cessation of violence after the Assembly passed marriage equality despite all their work to the contrary.

This should be cause for alarm.

The movement to expand the rights of LGBT people at home and around the world, including marriage equality, has gained astonishing momentum. In this month alone, two other nations besides France have legalized marriage equality (New Zealand and Uruguay), the US state of Montana finally repealed its illegal ban on homosexual sex, the states of Delaware and Rhode Island are also close on marriage equality, and a trans*-inclusive ENDA is taking another run at the United States legislature.

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