Alabama, USA: Lawmakers Should Repeal Law Telling Kids Being Gay is Illegal, Kids Say

Written by scott on April 4th, 2013

Alabama mapTwo high school students in Alabama have started a petition to push the Alabama legislature to repeal an anti-gay bill. Pink News reports:

Alabama lawmakers have come under pressure to repeal a law which technically requires schools to incorrectly teach students that being gay is illegal, and that it is “not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public.” A petition started by high school students Sarah Noone and Adam Pratt, which urged the state to repeal the law, had been signed by over 87,500 people at time of publication. The petition supports a proposed bill by Democratic Representative Patricia Todd, the state’s first openly gay legislator, which would repeal the law.

It’s great to see these high school kids fighting for LGBT rights in a state as repressive as Alabama (Texas A&M, can you hear this?).

The petition is here.


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