Amazing New Song “Define Me” Will Make You Cry – And That’s a Good Thing

Written by scott on April 20th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 10.35.36 AMJust ran across this amazing new music video from Ryan Amador and Jo Lampert. It’s about labels, but it’s also so much more reports:

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Ryan Amador is out with a beautiful new video for his song “Define Me” featuring Jo Lampert of the band Avan Lava, which deals with the unwanted labels put on people because of their sexuality. Sing Amador and Lampert in the track: “We’re starting this party tonight, where people will be undefined.”

It made Mark and I cry – and touched us in a way few YouTube clips ever had, especially toward the end.

Buy a copy of the song here – 100% of the revenue from “Define Me” will be donated to an organization that actively promotes social equality for LGBT citizens. Stay tuned to find out which organization is selected.


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  1. Mercedes Boetticher says:

    Just beautiful! Wonderful video!

  2. Bruce Wesley Boyce says:

    BRAVO, Beautiful, inspiring, Thank you
    for sharing your talents. It message is right on target, the video is great
    and love you washing away the negative
    words from your mind and body great
    metaphor. You guys rock and experiencing this song, made my day. I
    wish you good luck in your careers and
    being YOU!!!!! PEACE AND LOVE YOU TWO.

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