Arizona, USA: Tempe City Council May Consider Civil Unions

Written by scott on April 30th, 2013

ArizonaFollowing in busies footsteps, the Phoenix area city of Tempe may also consider a civil unions ordinance. AZFamily reports:

Tempe may be just weeks away from considering a civil unions ordinance in Council Chambers, according to Councilman Kolby Granville. In early April, Granville started the process of looking into what it would take to write a legal civil unions ordinance for Tempe. While City Council timelines are always subject to change, he said the issue could be on an agenda for public comment as early as the middle of May.

Slowly, slowly, slowly Arizona starts to come around…

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  1. tjchase says:

    You have to ask yourself is this a way to lull the lgbt community into opting for a civil union thinking it will be the same as marriage?

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