Australia: New South Wales’ Premier Endorses Marriage Equality; Opposition Leader Shifts

Written by scott on April 19th, 2013

We’ve got a couple stories out of Australia for you this morning. In the first, New South Wales’ top politician endorsed marriage equality. Gay Star News reports:

‘As a Liberal who believes that commitment and family units are one of the best ways in which society is organized, I support the concept of same-sex marriage,’ said Barry O’Farrell to Fairfax Media, dismissing the argument that gay marriage would damage traditional marriage as ‘utterly ridiculous’. O’Farrell urged Liberal party leader Tony Abbott to allow a conscience vote on the issue, as Liberal MPs and senators being told to tow the party line against same-sex marriage is a significant obstacle to passing legislation in Australia.

Australia Opposition Leader Tony AbbottOn the same day, the country’s opposition leader, Tony Abbott, backed off slightly from his previous opposition to marriage equality a little. Pink News reports:

Liberal leader Tony Abbott has prevented his MPs from having a conscience vote on the issue. He remains opposed to marriage equality and says it should be “between a man and a woman”. But he added: “our position, my position, going into the next election is that what our policy is on this will be a matter for the post election party room. “I’m not trying to say that the party is committed forever and a day to the current position.”

Gay and lesbian Australians are wondering why neighboring New Zealand can pass a marriage equality law and Australia can’t.

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