Colombia: Senate Marriage Equality Debate to Begin Next Wednesday

Written by scott on April 10th, 2013

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After being postponed over an altercation on the floor, the Colombia Senate will officially begin debating the marriage equality bill on 4/17. On Top Magazine reports:

After a bumpy start, the Colombia Senate will open its debate on a proposed gay marriage bill on Wednesday, April 17. Colombia Senate President Roy Barreras said in an announcement that LGBT community leaders may choose a spokesman to participate in the debate, the Spanish news agency AFP reported…T he measure, which is sponsored by Senator Armando Benedetti, was approved by the First Commission of the Senate last December.

The legislature has until 6/20/13 to approve a bill, or the courts have threatened to instate marriage equality on their own.


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  1. Is a mistake to say that the Columbian Constitutional Court will impose marriage should it is not approved by the Congress. If not approved, same sex couples only may go to notaries in order to make their relationship registered, with the same effects as to married couples.

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