Colombia: Senate to Vote on Marriage Equality Bill Today

Written by scott on April 17th, 2013

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Marriage equality news is just popping up everywhere. Down in South America, the Colombian Senate is due to vote on marriage quality bill today. Joe.My.God reports:

The Colombian Consitutional Court issued a ruling in 2001 (Sentencia C577/11) that requires the Congress to act by June 20, 2013, or else same-sex couples can present themselves to legal notaries to contract for their legal rights. The Court ruled that same-sex couples have equal legal rights to found a family, but there is a “deficit of legal protection” for such couples under current law, and ordered the Congress to eliminate that deficit by June 20, 2013. The Court previously ruled that the right given to heterosexual couples to a legally recognized non-marital union must be accorded to same-sex couples.

Fingers crossed.


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