Colorado, USA: As Civil Unions Arrive, More Prefer Marriage Equality

Written by scott on April 25th, 2013

titleAs Colorado prepares for civil unions next Wednesday, a new poll shows support for marriage equality slightly edging out support for civil unions. On Top Magazine reports:

According to a Public Policy Polling survey of 500 Colorado voters released on Tuesday, 50 percent of Colorado voters support the state’s civil unions law, while 38 remain opposed. But a slightly larger majority, 51 percent, support marriage for gay couples, with 43 percent opposed. Voters under 30 favor marriage by a 74-17 margin.

So will Colorado upgrade the civil unions law to full marriage equality in the next year or two?

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  1. Arturo Schulltz says:

    why 2 years ? its inevitable why wait ?

  2. OJ says:

    You can’t really use a 1% difference to say that there is a preference. I’d read that as no difference, not a preference.

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