Colorado, USA: Some Surprises in Civil Unions Law for Same Sex Couples

Written by scott on April 25th, 2013

ColoradoThe new Colorado civil unions law may have a few surprises in store for same sex couples in the state. The Coloradan reports:

For instance, gay couples who have entered into a civil union or are legally married in another state automatically will be recognized as having a civil union in Colorado effective May 1. Whether they want the documentation in the public record or the license that comes with it is up to them, but it isn’t necessary to enjoy the full set of rights that civil unions provide, according to Barton… anyone who is married or in a civil union with someone other than the person they hope to civil unionize will first have to dissolve that relationship legally before getting a civil union in Colorado.

It’s not marriage, but it is a significant step forward for Colorado’s gay and lesbian couples.

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