Croatia: First Gay Politician – “I Am Ready For Same Sex Unions”

Written by scott on April 7th, 2013


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The first openly gay politician, running for the European Parliament as Croatia prepares to join it, is ready to push for marriage equality, Gay Star News reports:

Damir Hrsak, who recently declared his homosexuality in an interview, also announced his run for European Parliament as Croatia prepares to join the European Union on 1 July. In a translated interview with news website Jutarnji, Hrsak said: ‘The LGBT population is just one of the discriminated communities in Croatia. I believe that communities who care about human and animal rights will recognize my efforts in the fight against discrimination’… Hrsak asserted that Croatia would be ready for gay marriage and same-sex couples adopting children when the Labour party came to power.

Last year, the Prime Minister announced plans to offer some recognition to same sex couples, but reform has been slow in coming.


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