Delaware, USA: Church Removes Anti-Marriage Equality Sign

Written by scott on April 28th, 2013

Photo by twitter user @zafojones

Photo by twitter user @zafojones

A Delaware church that it posted the sign mocking the HRC red equality logo took the sign down. Gay Star News reports:

The church’s senior pastor Chuck F. Betters told Delaware’s News Journal newspaper that the message that had been intended from the sign was that ‘the cross of Jesus Christ is greater than any ideology,’ although he did not state what ideology the equals sign was meant to represent. Betters said the sign had been a ‘mistake’ but said it was unfortunate that it had lead to online vitriol towards him. However a statement by Betters on the Glagow Church Facebook page confirmed that the sign had been about efforts to introduce marriage equality in Delaware. ‘Glasgow Church has entered into the debate because the church is to have an influence on our culture,’ Betters wrote. ‘Just as churches differing with us have expressed their support of the bill, Glasgow Church has the same right to express our opposition to it.’

The Delaware Senate will take up the marriage equality bill this week.

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  1. Arturo Schulltz says:

    = is just NOT an ideology !

  2. Michael Barber says:

    If equality under the law is an “ideology” that comes directly from OUR AMERICAN US CONSTITUTION, then these people are clearly UNAMERICAN.

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