Delaware, USA: Republican Co-Sponsors Marriage Equality Bill in House

Written by scott on April 18th, 2013

DelawareOne republican has stepped forward to co-sponsor Delaware’s marriage equality bill in the house. The Washington Blade reports:

“I always try to be respectful of what people think and how they think and we are supporters of treating everyone equally,” state Rep. Mike Ramone (R-Middle Run Valley) said while discussing he and his wife Lisa’s decision to support House Bill 75. He noted during the interview he has a gay son and several of those who have worked at the six flower shops and floral warehouse they own throughout Delaware are out. “Gay people have become very close to us. We just don’t believe that they shouldn’t be treated equally like everyone else and have the opportunity to get married.”

One by one, the walls are breaking down, even in the GOP, often because they know us and know who we are. Kudos to Representative Ramone for co-sponsoring this bill.

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