France: Gays Face Increased Homophobia; Putin Warns France On Adoptions

Written by scott on April 27th, 2013

ParisWe have a couple new stories coming out of France today relating to the marriage equality fight there. First off, Dot429 reports on the rise of homophobia in the country:

There is no more taboo to openly claim extreme positions against LGBT people. As a result, calls to the national association “SOS homophobia” have been multiplied by three over the last year. “Homophobia is being legitimized, but I want to remind everyone that it remains a crime in this country. Being homophobic cannot be considered as freedom of speech!” Elodie Brun, coordinator for Montpellier’s Gay Pride Association told 429Magazine. She argues that people guilty of homophobia should be clearly condemned.

She says she’s not really surprised about the several attacks towards gay bars and couples that happened over the last month in France, since she has observed an increase in homophobic behaviors. “I didn’t think we could come to this in 2013 and I’m worried for all homosexuals living in France. I have the feeling a drama could happen at any time.”

It’s strange to see this happening in France, a country known for its openness in all matters sexual. At least one mayor has already decided to defy the law:

Even if the first same-sex marriages will be celebrated in France in June, a mayor claimed he will go against the law. Jean-Claude Massiou, from the UMP party, said he will refuse to marry gay couples, as “a wedding must be between a man and a woman.” Mayor of a town called Abjat-sur-Bandiat, Massiou maintains that he has nothing against gays and lesbians: “I will explain this to them gently, without aggressivity. It’s not homophobia or anything like that.”

In other news, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin’s warning France that Russia may block adoptions of Russian children by French citizens if the marriage equality bill becomes law. Radio Free Europe reports:

President Vladimir Putin says Russia could change its agreements for the adoption of Russian children with France and other Western countries that are legalizing gay marriage. Speaking at a meeting with lawmakers on April 26, Putin said he considers it “fully correct to make changes” to existing agreements. Putin added that other states had to respect Russia’s “cultural traditions and ethical norms.” Valentina Matviyenko, the speaker of Russia’s Federation Council — the upper chamber of parliament — told the meeting that amendments to the adoption agreement with France are now being prepared.

Russia has already banned US adoptions of Russian children over an unrelated dispute.

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