France: MP’s Fight Over Marriage Equality Bill While Opponents Plan Another Rally

Written by scott on April 20th, 2013

ParisAs Tuesday’s final vote on the marriage equality bill rapidly approaches, Members of Parliament have come to blows over the bill. Pink News reports:

On Friday, the lower house of French National Assembly almost mirrored violent protests outside, around the issue of equal marriage, as MPs came to the end of the capped 25-hour debate around the bill which would allow equal marriage, and same sex couples the right to adopt. Punches were reportedly thrown in the scuffle, which lasted several minutes, whilst ministers shouted “out”, “out”. One minister said he had never experienced such an incident in his 30 years in the lower house. The incident, which was attributed to fatigue and the high emotions brought on by the controversial nature of the issue, was condemned by the ruling Socialist party.

Again, gay rights opponents turn to violence to advance their cause. And yet another anti-gay marriage rally is now being planned for Sunday. The Raw Story reports:

Opponents of the reform have been urged to take to the streets of Paris in a last-ditch show of their hostility to the reform after a week of regular and sometimes violent protests. “There are only a few days left and we are not going to abandon the streets now,” one of the organisers of Sunday’s demonstration, Alberic Dumont, told AFP. Tens of thousands are expected to turn out, although organisers admit they are unlikely to see a repeat of a huge demonstration in March that was attended by more than 300,000 people. A parallel demonstration by supporters of the right of gays to marry and adopt children has also been called for Sunday.

Will all the protesters on both sides be able to keep their calm?

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