Hong Kong, China: Lesbian Whose Father Offered Her Money to Marry a Man Speaks Up

Written by scott on April 5th, 2013

Hong KongYou may remember the strange story of the rich man in Hong Kong who offered his lesbian daughter millios of she would leave her partner and marry a man. Now Gay Star News has an update:

Speaking to Hong Kong Tatler, Chao described the multitude of odd things that happened to her since the story was first reported in September 2012. She described how George Clooney’s former body double offered to marry her, and how she was inundated with love letters from war veterans and even gay men. One man wrote every day for five months describing his erotic fantasies about her, and a Mainland Chinese woman offered her own husband.

The happy ending? “Chao continues to live with and love her partner of eight years Sean Eav.”

Read the whole story at the link above – it’s fascinating.


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