Illinois, USA: Black Lawmakers May Be Key to Marriage Equality Bill in House

Written by scott on April 3rd, 2013

IllinoisSo far, only one of the 14 Illinois house co-sponsors of the marriage equality bill is gay. The Chicago Times reports:

Some African-American lawmakers are uncomfortable with characterizations of gay rights as the latest front in the civil rights movement. Others fear political repercussions, saying ministers opposed to same-sex marriage have warned legislators who vote for it to never come back to their churches, where politicians traditionally campaign on the final Sundays before an election.

Outreach continues to black lawmakers:

On Thursday, a group of black clergy will hold a Loop news conference to urge passage of the gay marriage bill in the House, the last hurdle given that Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn has said he will sign the measure into law. The Rev. L. Bernard Jakes of West Point Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago contended that same-sex couples, many of them active in the African-American church, are being denied a basic right. “Many of the same-gendered loving couples love Jesus as much as I, and they believe in Scripture with the same fervor by which I believe,” Jakes noted in a statement to lawmakers.

Still no word on when the House might finally take a vote on the bill. Anyone see a vote count lately?

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