Illinois, USA: Dueling Marriage Equality Rallies In Chicago’s Logan Square

Written by scott on April 28th, 2013

Chicago Protest

photo by GoPride

Several hundred anti-gay marriage protesters held a rally in Logan Square on Saturday, and were met by about 100 gay-rights activists. GoPride reports:

Nearly 200 protesters, primarily Latino, prayed and listened to preachers, who told the crowd that the fight was over the ‘rights of the church.’ “We are God’s warriors fighting for Christ,” chanted the crowd in Spanish… At about 11 a.m., both sides began marching down Humboldt Blvd. as anti-gay protesters carrying Bibles, religious symbols and signs provided by IFI were flanked by over 100 gay rights advocates. Supporters carried rainbow flags and signs that included a number of pro-equality messages.

That seems to be the latest line from the anti-marriage quality folks, that we are somehow threatening their churches. But why would you want to be married in a church that called you a sinner for loving your partner?

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  1. Maureen Rapier-Kufa says:

    Our license issued by the govt says, “Marriage License”. These people are fighting for “Holy Matrimony” which is a religious institution. Marriage between two people is no threat to anyone else’s marriage. I agree with the author; I don’t WANT to attend a church (and don’t) that doesn’t support my right to love. That, in my opinion, is not Christian or Christ-Like. While you pray for me to go away, I will pray for you to become loving and caring for all God’s children.

  2. I certainly have no desire to be married at a stupid club by a professional bigot.

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