Illinois, USA: Republicans Try to Remove Pro-Marriage Equality Chairman, But Fail

Written by scott on April 14th, 2013

Illinois GOP Chair Pat BradySeveral months ago, Illinois Republican chairman Pat Brady announced that he favored the marriage quality bill before the state legislature. Conservative Republicans tried to have him removed once but failed. On Saturday they tried again. Chicago Tribune reports:

Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady survived a move Saturday to immediately oust him as party chairman over his support for same-sex marriage, but top state GOP leaders approved a succession strategy that could find him replaced within the next six weeks. The plan for a succession committee was approved as the Illinois Republican State Central Committee met behind closed doors for nearly three hours at the Tinley Park Convention Center while a raucous group of about 50 social conservative and tea party activists were kept away by police. The move appears to provide Brady with an exit strategy to leave the post he has held since August 2009.

We salute Brady for standing up to his party for what’s right, and for not being intimidated into changing his stance.

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