Ireland: Catholic Bishop Trashes Gays and Marriage Equality

Written by scott on April 2nd, 2013

IrelandAnother day, another story out of Ireland about the Catholic church and marriage equality. Bishop Christopher Jones had some choice words for marriage equality advocates. Pink News reports:

According to the Irish Times, Mr Jones warned that marriage was at risk of being attacked in Ireland. In a written submission to the convention he said: “attempts to equate same-sex unions with marriage will always ultimately fail because it is objectively impossible for homosexual couples to achieve the same natural end toward which the sexual complementarity of male and female is ordered.” He continued: “Therefore, were society to treat same-sex relationships and marriage as the same and therefore ‘equal’ would be to suggest that same-sex unions can be something that they are not.”

Meme of the month – it’s all about procreation. You gotta admire how effective they are at getting the message out to all the anti-gay marriage spokespeople.


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