Ireland: Constitutional Convention to Discuss Marriage Equality This Weekend

Written by scott on April 8th, 2013

irelandThe moment of truth has arrived – this next weekend, a constitutional convention will be convened to consider marriage equality. Dot429 reports:

In all, 66 Irish citizens and 29 members of parliament will be present to discuss the issue. The Convention will then make its recommendation to government within two months. It’s expected that a referendum will eventually need to take place before marriage equality can be introduced. Support for equal marriage has gathered momentum in Ireland with only one major political party yet to back it. The Fine Gael party, currently in power, has nonetheless allowed its members attending the Convention to make up their own mind with many now publicly in favor.

What’s next?

Regarding the prospect of a referendum on the issue, it is predicted that the Irish government will wait on a challenge being brought to court by Katherine Zappone and Ann-Louise Gilligan, a couple already married in Canada, over the country’s restriction before attempting to legislate. “The government will likely wait on this case before taking a decision. [In the event of a referendum] I imagine there will be a heavily funded campaign to make the Irish people vote no,” editor of GCN magazine Brian Finnegan told 429Magazine

Ireland has taken a sharp turn away from the Catholic Church in recent years after a massive child molestation scandal rocked the Church there, so there’s a lot of hope for this convention in this modern, more secular country.


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