Ireland: Constitutional Convention Votes 79-21 to Allow Referendum on Marriage Equality

Written by scott on April 14th, 2013

irelandMarriage equality may be coming to Ireland soon – the Constitutional convention just voted in large numbers to send the issue to a vote of the people. Pink News reports:

This afternoon 79 out of 100 convention members voted in favour of allowing same-sex marriage in the Irish Constitution. 81 voted in favour of enacting laws to give “appropriate” protections to the same-sex parents of children, and 78 voted that the laws should be enacted throughout Ireland, rather than on a state-by-state basis. The Convention was set up last year by the Irish Government to examine possible changes to the Irish Constitution, among them the possibility of legalising same-sex marriage. It consists of 33 parliamentary members of the Dail (Irish lower house) and Seanad (Irish senate) and MLAs from Northern Ireland, 66 members of the public, and an independent chairperson.

What happens next?

Following today’s vote the Irish Government will have four months to respond.

The most recent polling in Ireland shows that 75% support marriage equality, including 90% of Ireland’s young people. Looks like marriage quality will be the law of the land soon.


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  1. Master Adrian says:

    That IS a high number of pro-voters… but then… in a country were the abuse of children by roman catholics have been devastatingly high also…. one could have expected that the People would choose for the sanctioning of an instituion that the roman catholic church is opposing t… equal marriage!

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