Michigan, USA: Catholic, Episcopal Priests Hold Marriage Equality Debate

Written by scott on April 22nd, 2013

Central Michigan University LogoTwo pastors from different churches got together at Central Michigan University to debate gay marriage on Friday. Central Michigan Life reports:

The debate, held in the Moore Hall Kiva between the Rev. Denis Heames of St. Mary’s University Parish Catholic church, 1405 S. Washington St., and the Rev. Wayne Nicholson of St. John’s Episcopal Church, 206 W. Maple St., emphasized the diverse opinions held on the subject in the Mount Pleasant community and also within a Christian context. Heames, who represented the Catholic Church in the debate, said the church’s position, as well as his, is that gay marriage should not be accepted by society because he believes it redefines marriage in a way unaligned with God’s teachings…

Nicholson, who identifies as part of the LBGTQ community, said he and the Episcopal Church support gay marriage, but the church’s and his opinion alone were not strong enough grounds to dictate the laws of the country. “We live in a society where the church is separated from the state,” Nicholson said. “I don’t believe my faith should determine what laws you live under.”

More and more, we see people of faith supporting marriage equality. It’s a beautiful thing.

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