Minnesota, USA: Marriage Equality Could Bring $42 Million to State

Written by scott on April 15th, 2013

MinnesotaA new study from the Williams Institute at UCLA suggests marriage equality could bring big dividends to the state. TwinCities.com reports:

Legalizing same-sex marriage in Minnesota would add $42 million to the state’s economy and $3 million in tax revenue in the first three years, according to an analysis from UCLA law school… In Minnesota, analysts figured, about 5,000 gay couples would choose to marry in the three years following legalization of same-sex marriage. A bill to make gay marriage legal is expected to be come to a vote later this session in both the state House and Senate. Roughly $28 million would be spent on those weddings, the analysts figured, plus about $14 million in tourism-related spending by out-of-town guests. That activity would yield roughly $3 million in tax revenue for state and local governments, the report said.

So in case doing the right thing isn’t a good enough reason, let’s sweeten the pot a little.

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