Minnesota, USA: New Print, Web Ads for Marriage Equality; Pathetic Opposition Rally

Written by scott on April 17th, 2013

mnad1Marriage equality backers released several new ads for marriage equality. The first one is a web ad. On Top Magazine reports:

Minnesotans United for Marriage’s 2-minute ad features Laura and Kelly Olmsted, who testified before the House panel considering the marriage bill earlier this year. “We wanted to make sure the committee knew that there are families that look like ours, children like ours, all across Minnesota and they deserve the same rights and protections as any other family,” Laura Olmsted says in the video.

See the ad here:

Over at Joe.My.God, he’s reporting on a new print ad too.

Finally, Queerty reports on the sad turn-out at an anti-gay marriage rally:

Just look at the overwhelming crowd of people that showed up to this anti-gay marriage rally in Minnesota recently! Local news coverage estimates “about three dozen people showed up” to the rally, which was held on a flatbed trailer in the parking lot of “Toby’s Restaurant.” How chic!

It’s encouraging how few folks are turning out on the side of discrimination!

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