Minnesota, USA: Republicans Try to Derail Marriage Equality With Civil Unions Bill

Written by scott on April 3rd, 2013

MinnesotaThey always hate civil unions until we get close to passing a marriage equality bill, and then civil unions are suddenly the GOP’s new best friend. LGBTQ Nation reports:

A group of Minnesota Republicans introduced a bill Wednesday to let gay couples join in civil unions, calling it an alternative to same-sex marriage that could end a corrosive fight on the issue. Marriage equality supporters quickly condemned the measure as inferior and unequal. “We have a choice right now. We can engage in a gay marriage debate where we’re going to have half of Minnesota fighting half of Minnesota on this issue,” said Rep. Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington. “If you look at the issue of civil unions, the overwhelming majority of Minnesotans support this.”

The Minnesota Post thinks the ploy is a long-shot:

It appears that the small group of lawmakers behind the civil-union bill – GOP Reps. Tim Kelly, Pat Garofalo, Andrea Kieffer and Mary Franson and DFL Rep. Kim Norton – lack the support that “marriage equality” proponents have amassed. Civil-union backers may also face opposition from same-sex marriage opponents like Minnesota for Marriage, spokeswoman Autumn Leva told reporters after the press conference.

Either way, marriage equality will come to Minnesota, sooner or later. We vote for sooner.


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