Minnesota, USA: Touching Video; Former Pawlenty Staffer for Equality; Gubernatorial Candidate For Civil Unions

Written by scott on April 25th, 2013

you tube bigA few more stories out of Minnesota tonight. First, a touching wedding video – Joe.My.God explains:

Earlier this week in Minnesota, Natasha Frost and Tony Friesen took the opportunity at their wedding to make a statement in support of same-sex marriage. When the time came for the traditional “tossing of the bouquet,” Frost instead handed the flowers to her sister Nitara Frost and her partner Tabatha Trahan, and implored her guests to take action in support of marriage equality. The couple exchanged vows seven years ago and have five children together, though they cannot legally wed under Minnesota law.


Next, a former staffer of ex-Governor Tim Pawlenty (R), Brian McClung, is urging republicans to support the marriage equality bill. AFER reports:

“The trajectory of human history is toward greater freedom and tolerance. It is equally true that political discourse often lags the public as freedom moves inevitably forward. That’s the case now as legislators consider allowing all Minnesotans the freedom to marry the person they choose. In my party, some Republicans have been reluctant to support same-sex marriage. But it shouldn’t be so difficult — this is another area where less government is better government. Put another way, who do you want deciding who should get married: individuals or politicians?”

And a GOP gubernatorial hopeful announced that he supports civil unions, but not marriage equality. LGBTQ Nation reports:

An Orono, Minn., businessman angling to be the next governor of Minnesota, says he supports civil unions for gay couples but wouldn’t back same-sex marriage if faced with a bill legalizing it. Republican Scott Honour said Thursday he believes marriage should remain between one man and one woman. But Honour said he would accept civil unions that provide some legal recognition to gay and lesbian couples.

Still waiting on a date for a debate and vote on the marriage equality bill in Minnesota.

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