Missouri, USA: Hospitalized Man’s Brother, Partner Talk About Incident

Written by scott on April 14th, 2013

Missouri Gay CoupleBoth the partner of a Kansas City Missouri man and his brother spoke out yesterday about the incident in which the partner was thrown out of the hospital and taken to jail, even though he had power of attorney for his partners care. The Advocate reports:

Nevertheless, Mansell did confirm to Kansas City’s KHSB that he tried to override Gorley’s power of attorney and make medical decisions for his brother. “I know the conversation got a little heated, and the nurse had come in the first time and said ‘you two need to leave the room,’ so we kind of quieted down for a minute,” Lee told KSHB. “Roger wanted me to leave the room, and I told him ‘well, no, you need to leave the room’ and the nurses came in the second time and said ‘you both need to leave the room.'”

When Gorley refused to leave his husband’s bedside, a nurse called hospital security, who forcibly wrested Gorley away from his husband’s bed. “Hospital security came, and it started to hit me on my wrist,” Gorley told KHSB. “[They] hit me … because I was holding on, and they kept hitting and kept hitting and kept hitting.” Gorley said security officers tackled him to the ground, knocking his hearing aids from his ears and making him bleed. Shortly thereafter, Kansas City police officers arrived on the scene and arrested Gorley.

Hit the link above for the full video report. It’s despicable that the hospital treated Roger Gorley this way, and ignored his medical power of attorney. If I were Gorley, I’d sue.


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