Nepal: Trouble at Country’s Largest LGBT Rights Organization

Written by scott on April 4th, 2013

Blue Diamond SocietyAn LGBT rights group in nepal is in trouble after a givernment office has refused to move on renewing the organization’s license. Gay Star News reports:

Founded in 2001, BDS successfully lobbied the government for recognition of a third gender and recently got LGBTI issues on the school curriculum. It has achieved significant gains for LGBTI rights in the country but now their work is being thwarted by a government office. The District Administration Office has sat on the charities’ license renewal so that funding from international bodies, including the Global Fund, cannot be distributed to the organization, which employs 750 staff and has 42 offices across the country. ‘It’s demoralizing,’ Saurav Jung Thapa, technical advisor to the HIV prevention program, told Gay Star News on a visit to their basic office in Kathmandu.

The government has given no reason for the long delay, and has in the past generally been considered very LGBT friendly.


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