Nevada, USA: Religious Protections Added to Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on April 20th, 2013

Nevada mapThe bill to legalize gay marriage in Nevada was amended yesterday – LGBTQ Nation has the details:

A proposal seeking to clear the way for same-sex marriage in Nevada was amended Friday by the state Senate in a move designed to make it more acceptable to some lawmakers who struggled with their religious convictions. The amendment offered by Sen. Pat Spearman, a lesbian minister, states: “Religious organizations and clergy have the right to refuse to solemnize a marriage and no person has the right to make any claim against a religious organization or clergy for such a refusal.” Spearman (D-North Las Vegas), said she hoped the amendment would ease concerns and ensure colleagues that religious protections “would not be denied.”

The amendment would not allow religious business owners to discriminate against same sex couples – it would only allow churches to refuse to allow them. The bill, if approved, would need to be approved again in two years, and then would go to the voters in 2016.

In related news, the National Center for Lesbian Rights is urging Nevada voters to call their lawmakers to support the bill. Melanie Nathan reports:

This is an incredible chance to move marriage forward in the Silver State. Thousands of families are counting on us to get this bill passed–and we have little time to build the support we need to pass SJR13 on the Senate floor. We don’t have time to waste: Contact your legislators today and urge them to stand on the right side of history by voting “yes” on SJR13.

Here’s the link to find and contact your Nevada legislator.

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