New Jersey, USA: Should Marriage Equality Go to The Ballot Box?

Written by scott on April 5th, 2013

New JerseyShould NJ democrats go around the legislature and put marriage equality on the ballot this November? Jay R. Lassiter at PolitickerNJ thinks so, and here’s why:

10. We’re already won. Game, set and match. And by “we” I mean supporters of same-sex marriage in New Jersey and beyond. Find out how, why and when.

9. We won’t override Chris Christie’s marriage equality veto anytime soon. I’m no math major but I can do basic addition. (To wit, 400 + 20 = 420.) And no matter how many times I crunch the numbers, I simply don’t see the votes adding up to trump Christie’s veto pen.

8. Have you seen the latest Q Poll? I’m a liberal democrat so naturally I’m sick of hearing how popular the Governor is. Because you know what’s just as popular? Do the words “MARRIAGE EQUALITY” come to mind?

Follow the link above for the rest of the reasons. I’m of mixed mind here. On the one hand, I’d rather see these things done legislatively than by popular vote. On the other hand, barring a sudden change of heart by Christie, the Democrats had their bite at that apple during the lame duck session before he took office, and they refused to take it.

A popular vote might be the only way to do it in New Jersey before 2017.

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