Northern Ireland: Marriage Equality Failure Could Hurt the Economy; Catholic Bishops Issue Warning

Written by scott on April 26th, 2013

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Couple pieces of news out of Northern Ireland – first off, the activists are suggesting that a marriage equality law could help the country’s economy. Gay Star News reports:

Gavin Boyd, from Equal Marriage Northern Ireland, told Gay Star News if the country does not legalize equal marriage, it will lead to consequences worse than same-sex couples not being able to marry. ‘With Scotland, England and Wales all taking positive steps, we’ll be left as the only part of these islands that do not support same-sex marriage,’ he said. ‘This will lead to a drop in our economy, it’ll affect how we are viewed internationally, and companies will not want to work here.’

Pink News reports that the Catholic Church is also getting into the act:

Father Bartlett, from the Catholic Council for Social Affairs, told the BBC: “Any debate about this matter from a Christian point of view has to be framed in terms of respect, love, kindness towards each other and for each other as human beings and respect the dignity of each other. “Mums and dads are important and that difference between men and women in the rearing of children is important and society has always recognised that and given it a special place.”

The marriage equality debate is due to take place in the Stormont assembly on April 29.


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