Philippines: Gay Political Party Vies for Legislative Seats

Written by scott on April 22nd, 2013

Ang Ladlad LogoA gay political party in the Philippines is hoping to be the first in the worlf to capture seats in a country’s legislature in upcoming elections. Dot429 reports:

The Ladlad Party, or the Unfolding Party, is a Philippine LGBT political party campaigning to become the first all LGBT party in the world to be represented in any governing body and is bidding for congressional seats this year. While there are politicians in other countries who happen to be gay, only in the Philippines have gay people moved to organize their own coalition. Keep in mind that no country in all of Asia is officially LGBT-friendly, and some like Malaysia and Indonesia have laws on the books that blatantly outlaw homosexuality, making the Ladlad Party’s initiatives even more ground breaking.

It’s quite a step up for Ang Ladlad, which a couple years ago was fighting for the right to even exist.


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