Rhode Island, USA: Massachusetts Anti-Gay Group Trashes NOM’s Actions

Written by scott on April 27th, 2013

NOM LogoThe anti-gay Massachusetts group MassResistance just posted a scathing statement against the National Organization for Marriage on their blog. Pam’s House Blend reports:

We admire a lot of what the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) does for marriage across the country. But unfortunately in this fight they were clueless and ineffective. We understand that NOM is mostly geared to statewide elections on marriage amendments rather than battles in legislatures. But given the numerous fundraising emails from them mentioning Rhode Island, we should have gotten a lot more back.

NOM seemed to view Rhode Island as an afterthought. When their representative there, Chris Plante, was unfortunately sidelined with medical issues during much of the last several months, NOM didn’t bother to send help. As a result, NOM did no serious organizing or strategic planning. Meetings with activists would be set up, then go unattended.

Instead, NOM acted as the “official” pro-family voice before the Rhode Island media, doing many interviews, etc. And they funded some media advertisements, robo-calls, and email blasts. When public hearings came up, they helped line up quality speakers, but had no NOM representative testify.

However, neither NOM nor anyone else offered any counter to the constant yet absurd refrain that so-called “marriage equality” was a “civil right,” a matter of “equality,” or part of the march of history. As a result, the homosexual activists were given a complete free pass on all that nonsense.

But most annoying was NOM’s insistence on a watered-down “moderate” pro-family message. They supported homosexual civil unions as an alternative to gay marriage. They seemed to go to great lengths not to be “anti-gay” even though homosexuality is the basis of this whole thing. And they curiously supported the proposed bill for a state-wide vote on “gay marriage” as an alternative to this bill. Ultimately, when you have these positions, it’s hard to justify any absolute opposition to “gay marriage” itself.

It’s all a bit laughable, a clear-cut case of the pot calling the kettle black, considering how ineffective MassResistance has been in its own home state of Massachusetts. I love when anti-gay groups start infighting.

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