Singapore: Gay Couple Uses Kickstarter to Fund Repeal of Sodomy Law

Written by scott on April 23rd, 2013

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A gay couple in Singapore is fighting to decriminalize gay sex. LGBT Weekly reports:

In the short time they have been online, the project -which aims to raise funds for a legal challenge to what is universally known in Singapore as 377A – has raised more than USD 84K, a whopping 50 percent increase from only a few days ago when they had already raised USD 54K. Moreover, the original goal of USD 50K was met within one day of coming online. Unlike, Kickstarter, another popular crowd funding site, Indiegogo allows groups and individuals to raise money for causes. Indiegogo will collect four percent of all funds raised and charge three percent for credit card processing. So, if the activists raise the USD 150K they believe they will need to challenge 377A, Indiegogo will collect USD 10.5K.

The government has show no interest in repealing this abhorrent law, but maybe this effort will finally gain some traction.


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