South Africa: Winery Refuses to Host Gay Couple’s Wedding

Written by scott on April 27th, 2013

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A winery in Paarl, South Africa turned a gay couple away when the couple asked if the Estate would host their wedding. Gay Star News reports:

The owners of Diemerskraal wine estate in Paarl, South Africa, say ‘it didn’t feel right’ to host the wedding and reception of Emile Butler and his fiance Gareth O’Brien. Though Butler told South African newspaper the Weekend Argus they just wanted an apology from owners Daan and Jeanette Morkel, he has also filed a discrimination complaint with the Human Rights Commission. ‘Why is my money not good enough for Diemerskraal?’ Butler asked in his interview.

In a country that so recently came to terms with its discrimination against its black citizens, is it okay to discriminate against its gay lesbian ones?


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  1. Arturo Schulltz says:

    Oh his $$ is ok, just mail it to them 🙁

  2. Ernst says:

    The people living en Wellington and Paarl areas are a bunch of very conservative okes. They pretty much still live in an era before the wheel.

    I don’t think they will see the light in our lifetime.

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