Texas, USA: College Student Senate Passes Anti Gay Bill

Written by scott on April 4th, 2013

Texas A&M LogoAt least down in Texas, not all young people are with the LGBT cause. The Dallas Voice reports:

After three hours of emotional debate, the Texas A&M Student Senate voted 35-28 Wednesday night to approve an anti-gay measure that would allow students to opt out of funding the campus GLBT Resource Center if they have religious objections. Less than 24 hours before the vote, the name of the bill was changed from the “GLBT Funding Opt Out Bill” to the “The Religious Funding Exemption Bill,” and specific references to the GLBT Resource Center were removed. However, opponents of the bill who packed a Student Senate meeting before the vote Wednesday said the name change did not alter the bill’s discriminatory, anti-gay intent.

Yes, they’ve always been good with naming things. Remember Freedom Fries? Or the Patriot Act?

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  1. remi boudreau says:

    This is really disappointing. I imagine students will next introduce a bill to be exempt from funding campus religious groups.

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