Two Transgender Rights Victories

Written by scott on April 10th, 2013

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Just had a couple stories come across the wire on transgender rights. The first one’s from South Korea, as reports:

In South Korea five transgendered individuals won a landmark court case in Seoul to get officially gender recognized without the use of gender altering surgery. Korea Times reports that a court in Seoul has ruled that transgendered South Koreans can amend their gender on official documents without having to go through genital-altering surgery.

The other one’s in California, where the Department of Managed Health Car ruled that a state law blocks insurance discrimination against the state’s transgender citizens. On Top Magazine reports:

“IGNA prohibits health plans from denying a person a contract (health coverage), or from limiting benefits, because of the individual’s sex,” the DMHC wrote in a letter to providers. “IGNA defines ‘sex’ to include ‘gender,’ ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression.’ IGNA requires health plans to provide transgender individuals with the same contracts and coverage benefits that are available to non-transgender individuals.” The DMHC’s letter instructs health plans to remove exclusions and limitations related to gender transition.

Good first steps, but we have so far still to go to treat our transgender brothers and sisters equally.


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