UK: Daughter of Anti-Marriage Equality Conservative Tory Produces Film Supporting Gay Rights

Written by scott on April 29th, 2013

Big BenThe daughter of a conservative Tory MP proposes gay marriage has made a film spoofing Le Miserables in support of gay rights. Pink News reports:

The daughter of an anti-equal marriage Conservative MP has produced a film in support of gay rights called Misérable Lesbians. A spoof of the original Les Misérables, Katie Amess, daughter of Tory MP David Amess, said: “I have always been pro-gay rights. Misérable Lesbians is a jokey title with a very serious message, which is that everyone deserves equal rights.” “I love my father and he’s entitled to his opinion but I disagree with him on gay marriage,” Katie, who lives in Hollywood, said.

We’re still waiting for a date for the final vote on marriage equality in the House of Lords.

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    so when is it avail for us to see? gonna be in theatres for us to see? plz let me know

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